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I’m still friends with Redgate

BY Justin / ON Mar 01, 2021

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I’m still friends with Redgate

At the beginning of the year, Redgate graciously agreed to retain me on their Friend of Redgate program for a second year. This is despite a quiet year where we’ve not kept in touch as much as I’d have liked, I’ve been distant, we’ve liked each others tweets on Twitter and I managed just one FoRG meetup at the beginning of 2021. Nevertheless, we did get up to some stuff…

Coding Club

I’ve introduced my daughter to Redgate’s coding club. This is a great idea by Redgate! Various Redgate devs attend the sessions with their own children helping with the coaching, this is such a nice idea and my daughter has been found these sessions really enjoyable.

If you’d like to get your child involved, you can read more about it here, and all past videos are on their YouTube channel.

Redgate Streamed Global

Redgate ran a full day of live educational content, the day was split to accomodate different times zones. It was an interesting event with a heavy focus on DevOps this year. They also ran a pub quiz…

Pub Quiz Winner

I WON THE PUB QUIZ!!! I have no idea how, it was largely down to a very flukey history of SQL Server round and a serious knowledge of films! Redgate were kind enough to donate to my chosen charity.

Product research

That was an experience! Having hardly spoken to anyone for the best part of 12 months I attended a session with multiple devs discussing a specific product and enhancements they are trialling in a product research type setting. I felt like I was doing an aptitude test! Was pretty cool to get to see new ideas in their infancy and get to provide feedback.

What is the FoRG program?

The Friends of Redgate program is a group of influential and active community members, such as popular blog writers, speakers, consultants, as well as Microsoft Data Platform MVPs. The Friends of Redgate program is an exclusive group of influential and active community members, such as popular blog writers, speakers, consultants, as well as Microsoft Data Platform MVPs. We help our Friends to support the community by providing opportunities to collaborate on content such as articles, webinars and speaking sessions. We also connect them with our development teams, so they can get the inside scoop on our products and share their insights and ideas.

I have the opportunity to collaborate with the wider FoRG community and participate in research calls and early access programs allowing me to contribute to the shaping of their future products. This is a great way for developers to get access to users with real-world experiences and insights. Redgate has always been pretty awesome at this if you’ve ever been to a SQL in the City and seen their incubator sessions.

Thanks to Redgate

Big thanks to Redgate for having me in the program, looking forward to contributing during the year!

Thanks to you!

If you made it all the way down here, thanks to you for reading my post and enjoy your day.



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