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Metricy is a Microsoft Partner for Data Platform, Data Analytics & Cloud Platform, specialising in SQL Server & Azure data platforms. Speak to us about how we can help you get data faster.

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Certified Consultants

Our consultants are certified in both delivery and training services. We can provide complete solutions, mentor as part of a blended delivery team or providing training solutions.


We support the community

We’ve supported community conferences including at Data Relay, Data Weekender, SQL Bits. These events have played a huge part of our own development over the years and always provide valuable learning opportunities. If you’ve never been to either event before, they are jammed packed with fantastic speakers, we highly recommend you check them out!

Our User Group

We have recently started a user group in Cardiff hosted at the University of South Wales. This is an open group, aimed at anyone who works with or wants to learn more about data. The group covers all aspects of the Data Platform and areas such as programming languages and development principles.

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Industries we've supported

Financial Services

Build solutions that can support legacy solutions more flexibly ensuring your data platform is resilient to change. Unifying data will better support fraud prevention processes and delivery consistent measures for regulatory returns. Experience in lending, investments & insurance.




Timely, future-proof and centralised reporting based upon a modern warehousing approach delivers value against patient outcomes and journeys. Standardisation across providers and reporting units allows for an agile approach to new reporting requirements and acquisitions.


Provision of advanced decision management through temporal data platform design. Collating data sources from across forces to produce reliable and predictable reporting at all disclosure levels.



Public Sector

Digital transformation programmes create challenges for data platforms. Build solutions that are resilient to system modernisation programmes. Privacy by design ensures sensitive data is managed appropriately. Experience in large central government agencies.