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Metricy is a Microsoft Partner for Data Platform, Data Analytics & Cloud Platform, specialising in SQL Server & Azure data platforms. Speak to us about how we can help you get data faster.


More on how we can help


Building a data strategy is a key component to unleashing value from your data. We can work with you to craft a strategy that is right for your business.


Data Governance

Data protection and information privacy should be at the core of your data strategy. Talk to us about options for delivering a privacy-by-design solution.

Technical Readiness

As the capabilities and demands of data solutions evolve, so do the demands on your existing teams. We can spend time with you to evaluate tooling, data maturity, team capabilities and provide guidance on how to align your business to reduce risk of delivery.



We can evaluate your existing solution and produce a report that will identify areas of improvement, critical issues and recommended next steps. Armed with this information, you can decide which changes will be most effective. We can even help you resolve them!

Technical POC

Whether you are looking at a modern data warehouse solution, we can produce a tailored POC to showcase the core capabilities so you can determine whether it is a worthwhile investment for your organisation.


Data Platform Delivery

We can help you build a repeatable pattern-based solution which is key to supporting the demands of a modern data platform and reducing maintenance demands. Consistent, repeatable change ensures improved delivery times and reduces risk.

Data Migrations

We’ve undertaken many data migrations, we can lead the delivery from start to finish or simply provide you with resource to build data migration patterns.


Data Visualisation

Presenting clear and concise information helps to simplify large data sets. We can help lay the groundwork for building effective data-driven solutions.

Delivery processes

We can help you establish a DevOps framework to maximise flow and reduce errors. In turn, your teams will be able to react to change more responsively. Your teams will constantly review and improve flow.



Whether you are looking for a packaged delivery or support for a blended squad, we can provide you with resources for key skills. Additionally, if you need a data team and don’t know where to start, we can help you establish that team.


Our certified trainers can help your teams expand their skillset and prepare for Microsoft exams. We can also provide you with tailored training sessions.



We can provide services to operate and optimise your solution so you don’t have to. We can support you on an interim basis whilst you establish your own team or on an ongoing basis.